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Wednesday, March 31

A Prophetic Word to the Church

A Prophetic Word to the Church

It is the heartfelt prayer of all of the Toward The Mark Team that this blog will serve to—in a big way—encourage, preserve, and ensure the role of Godly integrity in the lives of all who read it.
Dr. Myles Munroe once made this very sobering statement: 
Wouldn’t it be terrible to wake up one day and realize that you spent forty years pastoring a church when you should have been driving a bus for a living? Or how about waking up one day after driving a bus for forty years to realize that you should have been pastoring a church?
Please, never accept a leadership position in God’s Church for the pay or the recognition. Accept it only because it is your divine calling! God always provides for the fulfillment of His vision for our lives! This is especially true for those who have been called by Him to love and to feed His sheep. Based on the present condition of not only the church, but also the massive amounts of people that are going unreached in this country, I am of the opinion that about 95% of those occupying leadership positions today should be doing something else with their lives. As harsh as that may sound, here is why I say it. America has within just the last 30 years made the tragic transition from being a Christian nation to becoming a religious and an extremely materialistic society. This situation can only turn around as the right people, folks who are operating inside of their gifts and callings, assume church leadership. But how are we to know the difference?
In 1990, totally grieved about the treatment that I had seen so many of God’s people having to endure at the hand of “professional religious leaders,” I began to earnestly fast and to pray for them all. While in prayer, I received a timely word from the Lord. Remember, this Word came to me back in 1990. This is what He said:
“Be encouraged; it won’t be long now. I am dismantling the Church as you have known it, and am raising up a new breed of leader. The pruning process that is occurring even now will yield a fresh, new, and abundant crop of men and women who love and seek Me with their whole hearts. Their affection will not be divided! They have both seen and endured the painful wrath and tormenting flames of religion’s harsh taskmasters, and through it all have emerged victorious. This will be that generation that will be called My Bride. They will walk in purity and will be without spot or wrinkle because I will remember their sins no more. Untainted any longer by sin and the terrible stench of religion, they will be a sweet-smelling savor to Me and all who receive them. I will take pleasure in all of their exploits and will bless all they put their hands to because I know them intimately and because they know Me intimately (Because I am in them and they are in Me). Just as I called forth Lazarus from the grave, I will soon call these forth from the factories, from the job sites, from the kitchens, from caves, home offices, and all four corners of the earth. I will call all of those who have endured deafening loneliness for My Name’s sake, and while I have had them hidden in caves, they have trusted in Me, rested in Me, and waited on Me without fail. These are the joy of My heart and will be easily recognized by all who see them. They will be girded about in the spirit with the towel of loving and selfless service to others!”
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"I am dismantling the Church as you have known it, and am raising up a new breed of leader." - Keith Shealy

"But the hour comes, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeks such to worship him.  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."  (John 4:23-24)

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