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Wednesday, November 30


If Americans are to survive the current tide of tyranny, the righteous must arise and establish "... gold tried in the fire ...(Revelation 3:18)."

       "...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James 5:16)."

       As we look at America's dismal economy today, there is one thing that can certainly be blamed for what has led to the out-of-control spending and national debt that, without God's intervening, we will never dig our way out of. That one atrocious thing, which occurred in 1971, is when President Richard Nixon took our American economy "off" of "The Gold Standard". On a side note, there was a second defining atrocity committed by our own government just two years later: Roe vs. Wade was passed.

       So, what is "The Gold Standard" where a country's economy is concerned? The Gold Standard that a country's economy is based on is a currency measurement system that uses gold as a way to set the value of money. It ensures that currency under a gold-standard system can be exchanged for gold. The Gold Standard signifies an agreement between society and its monetary institutions where the currency they spend and earn is a stand-in for gold available to back it up. As long as our economy was kept in check by the country's gold reserves, politicians' spending was held in check. The amount of gold we had in our national reserves was used as the foundation of the economy.

       This subject has loads of history, variations, and political tentacles but, put simply, The Gold Standard, in a perfect world, is designed in part to keep the politicians honest and the taxpayers safe. Otherwise, we have what is occurring now... tyrannical abuses. "The Gold Standard forces the U.S. to live within its means", said investment strategist Mark Luschini. "Think of it as a person with a debit card rather than a credit card. The debit card holder can only spend what he or she has in the bank."

       There was a time in the early 1900s in America when paper money was backed by gold. It was referred to as "The Era of The Gold Standard". The story of why that era came to an end includes a nervous breakdown, a global panic, and a presidential adviser who was an expert on cows and chickens. The Gold Standard was a promise. If you had a dollar, you could take it to the government any time you wanted and trade it in for a fixed amount of gold. In the U.S. year after year, $20.67 got you an ounce of gold. In the early part of the 20th century, all the world's key economies were on The Gold Standard.

       Then in 1931, the system began to unravel in the most powerful country in the world at the time: England. When The Great Depression hit, the people in England panicked and started taking their paper money to the government to trade for gold. So many people had come to make the trade that The Bank of England was in danger of running out of their gold reserves.

       The thought of "running out of gold" was particularly terrifying for Montagu Norman, the head of The Bank of England. Norman was facing an impossible dilemma. As it was becoming increasingly difficult for England to remain on The Gold Standard, abandoning it was absolutely unthinkable for Norman and his contemporaries who came of age at a time when The Gold Standard was the unquestioned anchor of the global monetary system. This dilemma led Norman into a terrible dilemma of his own: a nervous breakdown. "The pressures of the job got to him, and he collapsed one day," says Liaquat Ahamed, author of the book Lords of Finance. "He thought that the future of Western Civilization was in his hands, and he basically couldn't function." Norman's doctor told him to leave the country and get some rest.

       While Montagu Norman was away, his colleagues at The Bank of England realized they were left with no choice because they were nearly out of their gold. So they decided to abandon The Gold Standard. It was like a bomb went off. People all over the world thought, if England can do it, anyone can. People all around the world began to turn their paper money in for gold, and countries' economies got worse and worse. Then, on March 12, 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave his first fireside chat just when the U.S. had done "the mother of all bank runs".

       "Because of undermined confidence on the part of the public, there was a general rush by a large portion of our population to turn bank deposits into currency or gold," Roosevelt said. When he gave this speech, Roosevelt knew The Gold Standard was a problem. But he wasn't sure what to do about it. In fact, his top economic advisers were telling him to stay on The Gold Standard. They felt the same as Montagu Norman; Gold backing held everything in check.

       But there was one guy advising FDR to leave The Gold Standard, an economist named George Warren. In the book "Lords of Finance", Ahamed describes Warren as "a crank" saying, "George Warren had helped FDR deal with some of his trees on his estate. He was an agricultural economist." Warren had written a book on dairy farming and also devised a system for getting chickens to lay more eggs. He had also done a lot of work studying the way The Gold Standard affected commodity prices and the economy. He told FDR that the country had to leave The Gold Standard, and Roosevelt took his advice.

       Ahamed said that, when FDR told his advisers about his decision, they all exploded. Dean Acheson, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, resigned. Another adviser said it would be the end of Western Civilization. But it wasn't. Experts of the day were wrong about The Gold Standard.

       "Most economists now agree that 90% of the reason why the U.S. got out of The Great Depression was the break with gold," Ahamed says. He continued, "Going off of The Gold Standard gave the government new tools to steer the economy. If you're not tied to gold, you can adjust the amount of money in the economy if you need to. You can adjust interest rates. Almost all economists agree, the system we have today is better than The Gold Standard. Not perfect, but much better."

       Per that last quote, I would like to quote a famous 1960's cartoon horse from The Quick Draw McGraw Show... "Hold on thar, Baba Looey!"

       Without The Gold Standard firmly in place, enforced, and adhered to by those leading the country, taxpayer money can, and will likely, be terribly misappropriated or abused! For proof of this, one does not have to look any further than what is occurring right now in our own America! On so many levels, our domestic enemies, traitors within our own government, are raping, pillaging, and plundering our own nation! Taking America off of The Gold Standard, in order for it to operate in the way our government needed it to back in 1933, first required a solid moral foundation in the lives of those who were tasked with the appropriations of taxpayer money. Sadly, that solid moral character that was prevalent in the lawmakers of 1933 has greatly eroded based on the lives of many who are ruling our nation today. With that being the fact, what the lawmakers did to balance our economy in 1933 is clearly impossible today. In order for an economy to function outside of The Gold Standard, those who are tasked with appropriating our taxpayer dollars must be of the highest moral character and standing. Even then, for the sake of keeping the lawmakers safe from temptation, The Gold Standard must be in place.

       Over the last 50-plus years, our American government has been gradually infiltrated by foreign and domestic enemies! Anti-American, one-world-order communists have been systematically working for years to destroy our Nation at every side, including using their efforts, by the way, to succeed in stealing the 2020 Presidential Election and, most recently, the majority of 2022 mid-term elections. We must fervently pray, and not just alone, but we must join forces. Together, we must do everything we can as Americans to see that this corruption and its cartels are removed from within our government, from the medical industry and media, and from all of the many large companies in the U.S. We must do every-thing we possibly can to see that the criminals, enemies of God who hate His people, His America, and His Creation, are arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced. Simultaneously, we must play our part to pray for the salvation of the lawless, the criminals, and the anti-Constitutionalists, and work to see that they are replaced with God-fearing men and women who love Christ Jesus and who will lead the American citizenry in the "Right" direction, by the passionate pursuit of God in Jesus Christ by the leading of The Holy Spirit first and foremost... hence, obtaining the most essential Gold Standard: The True Gold, oneness i-n Jesus Christ!

       In order to establish and enact this first and infinitely power-full Gold Standard for the saving of America, this Gold Standard (becoming one in Jesus Christ) must be the passion of us all. Jesus Christ reveals this Spiritual Gold Standard in the vital Scripture, "I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eye salve, that thou mayest see (Revelation 3:18)." In order for The Gold Standard of the economy to work as it was designed to, we must handle it firmly, trusting its function to those in authority who have built their lives on the very Nature of Jesus Christ-The Gold Standard of The Spirit.

       It is our daily prayer that God will place America, and the other nations of the world, into the hands of those who love Jesus Christ, those God-fearing leaders and law-makers who are public "servants" first, those whose objective it is to lead America based on The 2 Gold Standards Americans need, simultaneously, for the protection and betterment of each and every individual in America and in every other country on the planet.

       We stand together, with you, praying, "Father God, please give to us Your leaders who love Your written Word, who listen for Your spoken Word, and who will, and already do, 'Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15).' And please, Lord, let them be those who will 'rightly divide' the American taxpayer's hard-earned money! In Christ Jesus we pray, Amen (let it be so!" And AMEN!
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