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Thursday, March 31

I'm Married to a Broken Vessel Who Rarely, if EVER, Lets a FIERY TRIAL Go To WASTE

"If there's one thing we ALL know something about, it's PAIN! ..."
*Based on Paul's experience written in  2 Corinthians 12:5-11*

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Who hasn't suffered broken dreams, moments of doubt or weakness, growing pains, anxiety, panic attacks, insecurities, injustice, lost hope, passion for a turning point, feelings of hopelessness, loss, worries about the future, needs that went unmet, lost opportunities, fear of failure, unanswered prayers, rejection, ...(your experience)?!
Most of our trials and tribulations come because of our own bad choices, but we keep PRESSIN' IN and keep on learnin' and growin'.

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One week ago today, this was the miracle that began and promises great progress and returns over the next week, 3 months, and 365 days!Praise The Lord for His divine appointments and answering our prayers!

      We are IN the flames, and IN pain, but we won't let it be the END of us.  Instead, we're doing our best to offer up a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to God.  Each prayer and word of strength and encouragement from our faithful friends means more than you can ever know! Keith's pain is much worse than I thought it would be at this point. I know that one thing we ALL know something about is PAIN. Each one of your experiences that you share with others can be such a tremendous inspiration! It has been a tough week here! Keith and I have to keep reminding ourselves that his healing neck wound from, what we didn't exactly think would be such, extensive surgery is not like a "simple paper cut!"  And the blood, bruising, unexpected intermittent swelling, and pain that is taking much longer than we expected to improve in his broken body, is part of it all. Whew! We're hangin' in there and in constant prayer until things get settled down... in time. Patience is a virtue, right?? It's a daily development here. Thank you to all who took time to send us your love, prayers, and words of encouragement and strength!!  If you have any favorite Scripture or advice you might offer, for waiting patiently in faith and rest, please do share.  Thank you, in advance!!

(BEFORE 3-hours in surgery)                         (AFTER 3-hour surgery)

We soon became very encouraged by facebook comments and direct messages that kept coming.  I was charging my phone as much as I could in the hospital, so I could check in more often and read to Keith.  What I saw really helped lift him up as he suffered in post-op pain, so terribly.  Every one of those kind comments, emails, and direct messages, helped take our minds away from the draining effects of the physical condition Keith's body was in, and of the raw emotions (worry, doubt, sadness, sorrow, ...) we seemed to work hard to overcome, and remain optimistic. Have you been in a place in your life when your glass seemed unusually half empty? How did you handle things and what was the result? To share a testimony with us, please  e-mail us. Also feel free to write a letter and mail it to TOWARD THE MARK, P.O. Box 1152, Yorktown, VA 23692-1152.

The waiting room attendant, very nice lady, with great character qualities for doing a job like hers, was finally able to tell me that Keith was in post-op recovery and I would be able to see him, soon. I decided to look for something unique that might cheer him up.  Look at this cute little "Air Walker Balloon Puppy" I found in the hospital gift shop. I simply named him "Buddy for Keiffy."

     We so appreciate you, your friendship, prayers, and generous contribution to us here at this small ministry!  Each of the notes, cards, calls, and words given to Keith in prayer and for strength and encouragement means more to us than you'll ever know. In our every day prayers, we make sure to stand with each friend and/or acquaintance who has let us know about a trial, pain, or tribulation they are in.  And we also make sure to stand with each friend in their heart's deepest desires, that they be fulfilled by our Most Holy, Wonder-full, Living, Loving God and Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is returning soon and very soon! Hallelujah! Amen!

*Although Keith and I were having a good time with our new Air Walker Buddy, MarGirl didn't share our sentiment. She managed to tolerate his presence with us. We love this faithful little companion, and her flexible character we've been enjoying now for 8 fabulous years!*
We hope you are able to take joy this beautiful day that the Lord has made. What a day to do some of our best thinking, singing, and talking with The Lord.


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