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Saturday, November 12

Honoring our American Military Veterans and so many Unsung Heroes

As the war efforts are unpublished in the headlines of the evening news, so is the public awareness of the massive growing needs of our brave warriors and their families. With suicide in the military veteran population increasing as a result of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and depression, the troops that are suffering are, by far, not the only sufferers.  

Perhaps the least mentioned are the thousands of children who are being left without parents, either by death or by emotional absence. Either way, an epidemic of kids, needing to be loved, and in many cases, re-parented, is increasing every day. We must reach them with the fact that, though their Dads and Moms may not be with them in one way or another, their Heavenly Father most certainly is, and He is only a prayer away!

No less devastating are those who give their all to serve us in battle only to return to find that they cannot find jobs. Of the many millions of troops who have served in America’s “war on terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than 2.9m have transitioned to a civilian life plagued by high rates of homelessness, unemployment, and even substandard health care they desperately need.

How is TowardsTheMark, Inc. helping?
Along with the resources that we have written and produced, we have a specially-selected library of hand-picked book, CD, and music resources that effectively minister to the many needs of our troops and their families. If you, or others you know, are suffering from the visible or unseen effects of war, please share our information and contact information with them, so they know we're here to help, with prayer, experience, and practical support they can use.

To view these and other resources, visit our website's TTM STORE or contact us by email or letter to ask for a copy of THE GENERAL'S SUPPLY catalog, using our information below.  You don't have to suffer, or feel, alone; Use us!

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