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Thursday, June 6

Honoring D-Day Warriors, Families, and our Military Heritage!

we are called by God to stand in the gap on the behalf of our armed forces and their families.
be thankful for everything they bravely fought to protect and defend, and even died to preserve for all of us.
before any of our troops ever took the military oath of service, each of them was a kid...
growing up playing with neighbors and friends every day, going to school, learning to ride a bicycle, to build a fort, to play games, sports, and music ...just like us.
each life story matters, all they had to go through to get to the place they are now, or all of what they went through that led to the place where they made the ultimate sacrifice.  'THEY' are 'US'!
       As we remember D-Day and America’s military troops and allies who invaded Normandy that day, we are taking time and this opportunity to pray for the spiritual and psychological well-being of our military men, women, and families. Whether they served 75 years ago on D-Day, June 6th, 1944, or at a time since then, our military men and women, and their families, make up a big, uniquely tight-knit family to whom all Americans owe a debt of gratitude! We are praying for God’s hand of blessing to touch them, their families, and all that they touched. We want to take this opportunity we have to personally reach out and say “Thank you for serving and sacrificing so much for us”, like we witness as we watch in the D-Day Anniversary video of President Trump in Normandy (special event footage here).

            Let’s all pray for each of our brave warriors who have served our blessed Country in uniform, and remember their family members that also served from the home-front. We would ask that you stop for a moment to remember that our countrymen are much more than warriors. On this 75th anniversary of D-Day, we honor the 9,388 service members who died on “Omaha Beach” just as we honor every one of our guys who survived there, on June 6th, 1944! Remember that before they ever took the military oath of service, each one was once a kid...just like you and me.  Each one of these brave men and women are "us".

            We need to remember the value of each and every life.  And remember what they had to go through to get to where they are now, or to the place they were when they made the ultimate sacrifice.   THEY ARE “US”!

           Remember also, no matter what, KEEP PRESSIN' IN!

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