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Monday, September 2

Feel What Quality Instruments Should Be!

We learned early on that using the best equipment is essential for producing quality products. This is especially true when it comes to fine musical instruments.
          It is a fact...cheap gear makes a job extremely burdensome, while the best tools actually make accomplishing a mission fulfilling. Kenny Marshall's unparalleled craftsmanship not only makes his guitars a joy to play but goes much deeper than that! What our team musicians and friends have found especially amazing is the way God's anointing on each guitar Kenny works on serves to pull out of its player a level of excellence that is an experience like no other guitar can offer.

          Having known Kenny since his days with ZION Guitars in the early 80's, I would like to offer my educated testimony on Kenny Marshall Guitars. Kenny Marshall is prophetically anointed by God to provide the kind of guitars that can actually transform God's psalmist from an ordinary player to excellent. Get your custom-made guitar from Kenny and you'll feel the difference...excellence as it should be!

          That, friend, is some sound advice.

          Special heartfelt thanks to our long-time friend and fellow-musician in Christ Mr. Kenny Marshall, and to all of our faithful partners without whom the work of TTM would not be possible. To those who have given up houses, lands, relationships, jobs, and their very lives to diligently pursue oneness with God, and resist all manner of distractions to fulfilling God's plan, we dedicate this work to you.

          In Christ, Keith, Brenda, and Team TTM.

Every gift is appreciated and helps.

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Thank you in advance for sowing your financial seed into the vision and mission God has given to this ministry! We pray God bless you with a 100-fold return for your generosity!

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