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Monday, January 6

What does the devil NOT want you to know?
Reaching the lost... it's easier than you think!
            In this time when so many are making new year's resolutions, we would suggest you add one more to your list, preferably at the top.  Make this the year that you write down your testimony, make copies, and begin passing them out to others, especially to those who you may have been a bit too intimidated in years past to share it with.  With each passing day the door of opportunity we have to show God big in the eyes of those who see Him small is closing. If we are going to take advantage of what little time we do have to lead those who are bound by the chains of poor life choices, and help them onto the path leading to oneness with God, it is going to take every one of us sharing "the word of our testimony."  John reveals this vital three-part combination to us in one of his passages in Revelation.  He writes, "And they overcame him (the devil and his minions) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."  (Revelation 12:11)  The written and spoken accounts of our cherished encounters with God, whether He knocked us off of a horse as He did Saul, or moved on the heart of someone to slip us some money just as a bill came due, you have a testimony.  A story that can provide to the skeptics the substantive evidence of an unseen God. 

In a paragraph or two, what's your story??

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