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Wednesday, January 29

~ Whatever the devil says about you...            the opposite is always the truth! ~

Satan is desperately wanting to prevent you, and me, from discovering the wealth that God has placed in us!


            How many times have you heard that God cannot make a mistake?  Have you ever been convinced that you are the one rare case - that one mistake - that slipped past God?  I can tell you that I have, and not just a few times.
            When I eventually realized just how insanely jealous the devil is of God, a light went on in my spirit.  What I saw was the reason why we, as believers, experience negative thoughts (the fiery darts of the enemy).  It has everything to do with the devil desperately wanting to prevent each us from discovering the wealth of talents and abilities that God has placed in our stewardship.
            Why?  Because we become a devastating threat to the enemy of our souls, when we use our talents for the purpose for which God gave them to us.  God's purpose, ultimately, is for each of us to lead others, who are bound by the chains of poor life choices, out of bondage and into the waiting arms of their LOVING Heavenly Father.

              It is for that reason the devil and his hoards work diligently to convince those who love God that they have, not only been forgotten by God but, no good thing is in them. By whispering these false things to us repeatedly, if we believe them, the devil knows he can hinder our ability to discover God's passionate love for us.  In turn, he then robs us of true fulfillment, wholeness, and the sweet rewards enjoyed only by those who love God wholeheartedly and diligently pursue  Him for His purpose for which He created us.
            Yes, the devil knows that, if he can hit us hard enough and often enough with his lies against us, he'll have a good chance to fill our hearts with hopelessness, that could turn into depression, that could lead us into overwhelming weakness, that would make our finding the strength to discover who we truly are, all but, impossible.
            If we do not study God's Word, under the tutelage of the person of the Holy Spirit, we will stay blind to the fact that the devil is the father of lies.  In turn, we will be destined to go through this life crippled, never realizing who we are or WHOSE we are, orphaned by our not knowing the difference between the voice of our Heavenly Father and a big-mouth con man.

            On the other hand, if each of us will fix this truth in our heart that: "Satan is a habitual LIAR", and understand that he is the father of lies, when you hear words of condemnation ringing in your head trying to convince you that you are:  worthless instead of *WORTHY*, weak instead of *STRONG*, abandoned instead of *LOVED*, or anything of the sort, it will remind you just how much the  o-p-p-o-s-i-t-e  of anything the devil says to us is *true*.  

            If he says you are unimportant, it's because *God equipped you for greatness*!  If he says... well, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G ... tell him to just ZIP IT!!!!

Speaking of the devil, Jesus writes, "...
 he was a murderer from the beginning, and did not abide in the truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8:44)

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KeithAndBrenda said...

When I look at certain photos in my children's albums, they tell the story of a military mom broken apart by divorce, relentlessly fighting to keep her children close to her while the devil continually tried to sell her on the idea that her shoulders were "pinned to the ground", you might as well give up the fight. I'm glad I never gave in to his lie! I may not have won every battle in the 13 year fight, but I won the war! PRAISE GOD! HE is The Victory I claim! With a heart for God and my family, Mom & "now" NIMI (Grandmother) Brenda