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Wednesday, December 3

Leave it ALL on the Field

You wanna know how I can tell that God has put something in you that is crucially important to the fulfillment of His plan for all of His creation here on earth? ...  YOU'RE HERE!

I once had a very sobering revelation of what it would be like to stand before the all-mighty, all-loving God without having finished the things that He had
put me here on earth to fulfill. To say the least, just the thought of not finishing abundantly fruitful made me heart sick! There I was, standing before the all-loving God - “Love” Himself - not having been fully about my Father’s business while on earth. I was keenly aware that I had not fully used the talents or abilities that He had given me
for the purpose of glorifying His matchless name.

I can remember being overwhelmed with grief, not from fear of being condemned by God, but from a deep regret and sorrow the likes of which I had never known! I wished that I could have just one more chance to go back and work with Him to finish all of the things that He had created me to do. Now, I can tell you, that is NOT going to be me! As we used to tell each other in football before a game, “Leave it ALL on the field!”

We would like to encourage you with all of our strength to, “Leave it ALL on the field!” Overcome intimidation, fear,
procrastination, and anything else that may be keeping you from finishing what God has so richly programmed you to
fulfill from the foundation of the earth. Before it is too late, get the things God has placed in you, out and, into the hands and hearts of others who need what God has so richly deposited in you. Don’t take to your grave the books, the music, or anything else God has put in you to complete while you're here! This lost and dying world needs
you to, as we would hear from our coaches in football, “Keep your head in the game” and make sure that, as this lost and dying world needs you to do, “Leave it ALL on the field!”

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