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Wednesday, February 20

USCG Celebration -- Reaching for Success

"As we celebrate milestones in our life and work, we must continually remind ourselves and one another:    Success with a successor is truly 'success' (read more in 1 Kings 19 and 2 Kings 2)." -- Keith, Brenda, and Team TTM
  We must be ever-mindful to look at God as the Consummate Mentor and Strategist, and most loving Heavenly Father that He is. Everything He does, and has ever done, is all about loving and caring for each and every one of His Kids... *The Ultimate Family Man*.

           The Heavenly Father's will and passion is to have all of us walking in unity with Him, and walking side-by-side with each another. He is overjoyed when we are raising one another up so we work together, caring for one another, and treating each of our fellow-man as a member of the family. This is, and has always been His desire for each of us. For as long as we are here on the earth, a great part of our fulfilling God's will for our lives is our looking after His Children, which, by the way, never goes without its rewards. God's greatest desire is that each one of us look to see ourselves and each other through His eyes, to see the way He loves us with an enormous and truly indescribable love, so that we, as His children, will express love in the same as He expresses His Love to us. This is when we experience true SUCCESS, everlasting and all-fulfilling LIFE. (Selah)

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